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Richie Rich


"I've heard some people criticize the show, but we love it. It reminds me why we are designers ourselves. We live to watch the show. It shows people that there's a lot of passion behind this. It's very real."



There is nothing like the lights, music, models, clothing, designers, hair, photographers, video, the seats filled with fabulous people and pure energy of the runway. Being an artist for several fashion weeks and countless designers this is living art. By far one of the most demanding fast paced parts of a makeup artist career.  

Ashley Olivia has worked with some of the industries top designers:

Versace - Heatherette - Puma - Ted Baker - Betsey Johnson - Sean John - Baby Phat – Akademiks - Fila - Gilyard MFG - Stefani De La O - Binnetti - Ryan Kenny - S.O.F.F. - ENYCE - Rosa Cha - Tra-La-La - Yanina Fu -  Dragana Ognjenovic

RUNWAY: Gallery
RUNWAY: Gallery
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