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"Having worked with hundreds of students in the beauty industry, I know a standout when I see one.  From the first moment I met Ashley Olivia, I could see that passion for makeup oozes out of her.  Whomever is lucky enough to work with her will see her passion translated into beautiful, precise and creative makeup.  And you’ll have a wonderful time, too!” 

Krista Kiley

Former Global Director of Aveda Spa Education

Owner/Founder of three-si


"I've known Ashley Olivia for over 15 years, within those years she has expanded her makeup and skincare knowledge to a whole new level of expertise. She is an extremely gifted and talented artist with amazing charisma. Her attention to detail and creative personality makes her one of the best in our industry."

Nikole Morrow-Pettus
Celebrity Makeup Artist & Cosmetic Director for Van Micheal Salon

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials



"As a long time client of Ashley Olivia, I've had the opportunity to work with her for may years. From skincare to makeup application, she is highly skilled in creating a flawless look for any occasion.

Ashley is unlike any other makeup artist that I've come to know. She is extremely organized  and professional which majes you feel very comfortable and at ease. I've never met anyone that possesses the talent that Ashley has. Absolute perfection and professionalism.

I trust her implicitly and am proud to call her a friend."

Jacqueline Johnson


"If you need Halloween makeup (or any makeup) go see Ashley Olivia! She made me The Countess for Halloween and she's the Sh!t."

Dallas Latos


"Your face is your most important asset. Too much makeup can be a huge turnoff; too little shows lack of care. If I have a big date lined up, I make an appointment with Ashley Olivia, my favorite makeup artist, to transform me into a goddess for the night."

Jula Jane


"I've enjoyed working with Ashley Olivia for many years! She has helped me navigate through this fashion world, finding new and exciting fashion forward items that are age appropriate.  Then we are off to tweak new make up and accessory trends.  She has encouraged me to try new brands and styles that have kept me from the same old, same old!  And let me tell you about Christmas and Birthday shopping....I can give her a description of the recipient and she's off....making suggestions  and pulling items for me to consider.  Christmas shopping took only a few hours this past year as she helped me check off my list and the recipients were delighted as they opened their gifts to discover the newest, latest and greatest!!

Beyond her expertise as a makeup artist and stylist, I find Ashley to be honest, sincere and truly a pleasure to work with!  She is definitely my GO-TO girl!  LOVE her!"

Teresa Rosenbeck

Huong and Sharz (2).jpg

"Simply put, Ashley Olivia is an artist. She has a very versatile style that really allows the person and the occasion to glow. I love how she applies her artistry with flair and depth. I couldn't have asked for more on my wedding night."

Huong Doan


"Ashley Olivia is not only an extremely talented makeup artist, she is an art director. Working with her is an experience. She educates while doing makeup, so you're able to learn new ways to enhance your own beauty.  She is versatile and caters to her clientele. She has done my makeup a countless amount of times for all different occasions. I would highly recommend her!"

Jill Griffith


"Before I met Ashley Olivia, I used to frequent the department store MAC counter bouncing from artist to artist. Ashley changed the way I thought about makeup and skincare. She educated me thoroughly on the different products and always worked with me to achieve what I wanted. She has done my makeup for my 30th birthday, my grandmas funeral, and for Halloween with each time being appropriate for the setting. She can make me look bold and beautiful and then subtle and pretty. Her skills allow her to adapt to my needs for the occasion. Since I first worked with Ashley, I have never been disappointed and haven't worked with another artist since!"

Chelsea Rhodes


"I have known Ashley Olivia for several years since she worked at Nordstrom. Have you ever gotten your makeup done and ended up looking like a clown or worse than you did before your makeover? Ashley took the to understand how I wanted my makeup done and helped me achieve the more understated/natural look I am comfortable with. Every time she has done my makeup, I have looked ad felt 100 times better. In addition to the makeup application she recommends new products to try that have actually helped me as well. Ashley also encourages me to try new things as well and they always work out well. I trust her with my beauty needs and she is the only person that I allow o do my makeup!"

Jackie Cuningham


"Ashley Olivia is a true professional, in my opinion the best in the business. Not only is Ashley wonderful to deal with, she created my dream makeup looks for several occasions; which lasted into the night without any signs of budging! er work is stunning and flawless. Ashley would be my first recommendation to anyone who wants to look their best on any and every occasion. Thanks again Ashley!"

Kayla Garcia


"I was lucky enough to meet Ashley Olivia when I needed help picking out make up at Nordstrom for an event out of town. Ashley listened to my needs and recommended products that created the look and color palette I wanted, while staying within my budget, and she showed me how to create the look myself! I could tell right away that she was somebody that was very detail oriented and would always put her client's needs first. I then referred her to my friends for their events as well as to my mom for help with their various skin care needs and make up needs, all of whom were grateful for the recommendation!  When I hired Ashley to do my makeup for a formal work event, she listened to my needs and responded with multiple options that met the objectives I was looking for. In fact, I shared with her a photo of my dress and she sent me multiple looks in advance and asked for my feedback so we could make sure we were on the same page! I was impressed that she would be considering me and my look so far in advance.  Ashley is a true professional with a personable flair that puts you at ease.  I look forward to working with Ashley well into the future!"

Jeanna Vella


"Ashley Olivia is beyond amazing!  Always willing to take my look to the edge with unexpected colors and different techniques.  She is also aware of my skin sensitivities and used products that don't irritate my skin.  She made my look versatile and easy for my business, pleasure, and everyday lifestyle!!!"


Meggan Jones


"I highly recommend Ashley Olivia, I see her for makeovers.  From our first conversation, Ashley asked me lots of questions, in order to learn my style, etc. For my makeover, Ashley explained each product she used and was attentive to the look I hoped for my special event. Not only was she through--she made me look amazing-- but she was fun and engaging! I would recommend Ashley Olivia in a heartbeat!"

Kim Dechert


"I have had both the honor and privilege to have Ashley Olivia as my makeup artist on several occasions. She is always open to any ideas and turns my makeup into a masterpiece. Ashley is passionate about what she does and it shows through her work. I have been able to learn from her as well versed and able to answer any questions I have. I continue to go back to Ashley as she has become not only my favorite artist but also a friend."

Chrystina Kreuter

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
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